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Source: The Star

We wanted to share this great article about Rescues in our area. We do our best to help out the Dog Rescuers Inc and Dahlia from Mighty Mutt who also works with the MHS. They both do so much work to help animals in need.

Please read this fantastic article:

A Toronto filmmaker is making a TV documentary series about rescued dogs, the people who foster and rehabilitate them, their adoptive families and the rescue groups who take them into care.
By: News reporter, Published on Mon Aug 19 2013

Over a seven-month period, a large, stray dog was seen skulking around an Etobicoke car wash and a nearby industrial site littered with shredded metal. He’d forage through garbage and would run away if approached. Word went out through the well-connected dog rescuer group community in Toronto and one woman, who’s also a certified professional dog trainer, got an email about him. (more…)

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