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Washington D.C. – Today Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), an international animal protection organization whose mission includes bringing an end to animal suffering through direct and compassionate action, is launching a puppy mill awareness initiative called “Educate To End Puppy Mills” with the release of a public service announcement (PSA) featuring Grammy Award winner and animal advocate Sheryl Crow.  Three versions of the End Puppy Mills PSA have been distributed to 500 cable outlets and will begin airing this month.  The PSA is also available to view online at

Sheryl Crow & Buttercup speak out against puppy mills

One of ARC’s functions is rescuing animals from large-scale situations of suffering, including puppy mills. In the PSA Sheryl Crow explains, “Puppy mills are mass-production factories where mother dogs suffer their entire lives producing nearly 100 percent of the puppies sold in pet stores and on the Internet.” Puppy mills, which also sell dogs through newspaper ads, sometimes warehouse hundreds of dogs on a single property in small, overcrowded, unsanitary, wire-floored cages without sufficient food, water, grooming, socialization, or veterinary care. Therefore, puppy mill dogs suffer from a multitude of social, emotional, and physical conditions.

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