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This year has been a difficult one so far, we had to say good bye to our beautiful Winnie on January 1st as she went over the rainbow bridge, then a week later I had to say goodbye to my father. It’s been tough to say the least but going forward I want to try and make this year great. For St Patrick’s Day this year I wanted to help raise some money for a local Rescue organization. I ended up baking over 200 cupcakes for a fundraiser and raised $220.00 for the Dog Rescuers Inc, in Oakville. It was a long day of baking and decorating but everyone was pleased with their purchases! I look forward to doing some more fundraising this year, all for the love of our furry friends.

This year we hope to grow awareness and encourage change whenever we can, it’s difficult to do as everyone is so busy but a little is better than nothing!

Remember to please spay & neuter you pets to help control the pet population and if you are looking for a new furry friend there are so many animals looking for their forever home at a local Rescue, shelter, Humane Society or SPCA.


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