The Canadian Kennel Club Policy Statement Definition of a Puppy Mill (Effective March 2002)

“The term “Puppy Mill” generally refers to a high-volume, sub-standard dog-breeding operation, which sells purebred or mixed breed dogs, directly or indirectly to unsuspecting buyers. Some of the characteristics common to puppy mills are:
(a) Sub-standard health and/or environmental issues;
(b) Sub-standard animal care, treatment and/or socialization;
(c) Sub-standard breeding practices which lead to genetic defects or hereditary disorders;
(d) Erroneous or falsified certificates of registration, pedigrees and/or genetic background.

Note: These conditions may also exist in small volume or single breed establishments.”

They sell primarily to retail pet shops (usually via a broker), but occasionally sell directly to individual consumers. Dogs are bred solely for profit, with no concern for their physical health or psychological well-being – most are disease-ridden; all are force-bred continuously. They often use “Kennels” or “Farms” in its business name. Dogs’ and puppies’ are usually in squalid living conditions and are off-limits to the public.

If you think you have been to a mill or have seen substandard conditions at a breeders establishment please call your local SPCA/Humane Society IMMEDIATELY to report what you saw. Only witnessed accounts can be reported.


Source: No Puppy Mills Canada

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