Shut Down Puppy Mills
Shut Down Puppy Mills

Source: Shut Down Puppy Mills

We know the images are disturbing, but we feel in order to get our message across we must “tell it like it is”.

Did you know that puppy mills and irresponsible breeders use avenues such as Pet Stores, Brokers, newspaper ads and internet web sites to sell their puppies?

Puppy Mills are nothing new. These mass dog-breeding operations have been around for decades and they prey on unwitting consumers who are smitten by puppies in pet store windows, on fancy websites and in newspaper ads. But behind the friendly facade there often lies a puppy mill.

Watch How Not to Buy a Puppy video

Quick Facts:

  • Puppy Mills are crude, indoor/outdoor breeding facilities that operate from anywhere.
  • Focus solely on profit with little or no consideration for the breeding dog’s health, care or welfare.
  •  Puppies are born with severe health, behavioral & socialization issues.
  • An increasing problem for rescue groups, municipal pounds, humane societies and SPCAs
  • Are the greatest cause of pet overpopulation and are the reason that millions of companion animals are euthanized each year
  • Often a source of grief for those who may purchase puppies from pet stores, brokers, newspaper or internet ads

Kept in cages their whole life with minimal or almost no food, water or shelter.

Mothers are bred continually until their bodies give out. Then they are destroyed

Animals are kept in sub-standard conditions with no veterinarian care

Considered “breeding stock” and are killed when they can no longer perform

These poor souls have no chance to survive unless we all work together to STOP Puppy Mills.


Kismutt is a small dog rescue that works hard at trying to shut down Amish Puppy Mills.

The Video they have posted on their site may be hard to stomach but we have to find a way to stop this appalling business which has no regard for the dog’s well being.


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