What does fostering Mean?

Rehoming process

There are so many great cats and dogs that face euthanasia each day in pounds and shelters. By opening your heart and your home you provide a temporary safe haven for animals that presently have absolutely no where to live. Foster homes not only spare them from the stress of confinement in a cage in a shelter/pound facility, but also provides a safe and loving home environment. Fostering can be the most rewarding and fulfilling experience, you are helping save the life of an unwanted animal.

A foster parent is responsible for feeding (food is generally provided for already), loving and tending to the needs of the animal (going for walks, provide love and affection, etc). All cats and dogs will have an up to date vet examination and will be spayed/neutered (age & health permitting), be vaccinated and microchipped. Medical care is also provided by the Humane Society and/or Rescue Group.

Without foster homes, there would not be many other choices for the cats and dogs. Providing a home for these furballz provides you and/or your own pets the benefit of pet companionship without the worries of permanent ownership, unless of course you change your mind and fall in love and want to provide a furever home instead!

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