Co-Founder & Chief Tech Monkey

John is an IT professional with positions based in the Greater Toronto Area over the past 17 years.

He is a passionate animal lover, proud father to two handsome boys, Kyle and Jack, and resides in Burlington, the best city in the GTA, 2nd best in Canada, with Natalie. Winnie, their 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier rules the roost and makes sure to let her presence known whenever foster dogs come for a stay.

Being around cats and dogs his whole life still had not made him realize the huge need for animal advocates as “there are many cats and dogs, which require protection as well as giving the furballs a voice as they cannot speak for themselves”.

Now armed with the knowledge of the many rescue sites, foundations and organizations out there to help these animals as well as provide their owners with invaluable information, it is with this sense of obligation that we founded Furblogz to help spread the word of responsible pet ownership and to grant everyone access to the various outlets to keep animals and pets out of shelters and pounds and in homes with loving families.

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