According to By-law 60-2005:

  • All dogs in the City of Burlington must be licensed.
  • All cats must be micro-chipped by a veterinarian.
  • Animals, cats and dogs, are not allowed to run at large. They must remain on their owner’s property or be leashed when off their property.
  • Animals are prohibited on City owned or operated beaches or in the water in front of City owned or operated beaches.
  • All dog owners must pick up dog droppings as these droppings can pose a serious health hazard to persons and animals. When you are out with your dog, carry a plastic bag and pick up excrement left by your dog.
Stoop & Scoop – Pick up after your pet

Responsible dog owners always clean up after their pet. Cleaning up after you dog is the law in the City of Burlington.

Every person in charge of a dog must clean up any mess left by the dog in parks, on bike paths or on private property. Animal Control Officers enforce this by-law. They are authorized to issue tickets to any violators. Failure to clean up after your dog may result in a $100 Provincial Offences Ticket, or upon summary conviction, a possible fine of up to $5000 (exclusive of costs.)

It’s easy… When you are out with your dog, carry a plastic bag. Use the bag like an inside-out mitt when picking up after the dog. Avoid touching the droppings, put the bag in the nearest litter container and wash your hands as soon as possible.

Why it’s important to pick-up after your dog:

  • Dog droppings can pose a serious health hazard. Diseases can be transmitted to humans by direct contact and through flies and parasites. (Remember that children often play in areas where dogs may have been.)
  • Dog excrement also adds to the problem of contaminated beaches.

Please co-operate and help keep our city clean.

Noise and Nuisance

According to the applicable sections of By-law 19-2003

  • No person shall emit or cause or permit the emission of sound at any time resulting from persistent barking, calling, whining or other similar persistent noise making by any domestic pet or any other animal kept or used for any purpose other than agriculture.
Other Provincial Laws
You can find the Milton By-Laws at:
There are 23 pages to read thru

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