Furblogz mission is to raise awareness concerning the importance of public education when it comes to the well-being of pets (primarily cats and dogs).

Unfortunately many people buy pets (or receive as gifts) on impulse without realizing the many responsibilities and consequences that come with being a pet owner. Once the novelty of owning a pet wears off and the realities of caring for a pet sets in, some owners end up abandoning their pets or surrendering them to animal welfare organizations. This has resulted in an increasing number of homeless pets and overwhelmed shelters/pounds.

This is why educating everyone is so important to us, some pet owners are unaware of the proper ways of caring for their pets or let their pets become a nuisance. Spaying and Neutering is also another very important factor as the pet population has become so large that many of the pounds and shelters are unable to keep up with all the incoming cats and dogs, which end up being euthanized. Many Rescue groups try to stop this from happening and help find foster homes until they can be adopted.

This is why it is so important to provide potential AND existing pet owners the necessary information to make the best decisions. With continual public education efforts, we believe that we can help make an improvement in animal welfare standards in Southern Ontario and beyond!

Together we can make a difference and help save one Furball at a Time!!!

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