Our community Page was created to help provide you with as much local information as possible.

To the right, we have provided you with a listing of:fostering saves

  • Vet / Animal Clinics
  • Rescue Groups
  • Pet Stores
  • Dog Parks
  • Animal Apparel (coming soon!)
  • Pet Toys (coming soon!)
  • Dog Groomers (coming soon!)
  • Dog Walkers (coming soon!)

If you feel we need to add or make changes, please contact us via email at info@furblogz.com  and let us know what else we can do. This is meant for everyone to share and promote others within the community.

We do our best to keep all information current, however if you find any errors, please let us know.

We are not affiliated with any Rescues but we do our best to help out “The Dog Rescuers Inc”, we also work with Mighty Mutt who helps rescue dogs and cats for the Mississauga Humane Society.
When looking to adopt thru a Rescue please do your homework and check their background information as their are so many.

  • Pet Stores are a great place to find all kinds of food, toys. accessories and more for your pets. Pet Stores generally no longer sell Cats and Dogs but they are able to adopt out thru a Rescue or Shelter which is a great way to help find a furever home for that special furball. If a pet store sells puppies and kittens please be sure to ask as many questions about where they came from, who’s the mother, do they have papers, are you able to know where they came from, etc… The more you know the better.
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