ARC Expands Puppy Mill Awareness Initiative Ft. Sheryl Crow

Washington D.C. – Today Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), an international animal protection organization whose mission includes bringing an end to animal suffering through direct and compassionate action, is launching a puppy mill awareness initiative called “Educate To End Puppy Mills” with the release of a public service announcement (PSA) featuring Grammy Award winner and animal advocate Sheryl Crow.  Three versions of the End Puppy Mills PSA have been distributed to 500 cable outlets and will begin airing this month.  The PSA is also available to view online at

Sheryl Crow & Buttercup speak out against puppy mills

One of ARC’s functions is rescuing animals from large-scale situations of suffering, including puppy mills. In the PSA Sheryl Crow explains, “Puppy mills are mass-production factories where mother dogs suffer their entire lives producing nearly 100 percent of the puppies sold in pet stores and on the Internet.” Puppy mills, which also sell dogs through newspaper ads, sometimes warehouse hundreds of dogs on a single property in small, overcrowded, unsanitary, wire-floored cages without sufficient food, water, grooming, socialization, or veterinary care. Therefore, puppy mill dogs suffer from a multitude of social, emotional, and physical conditions.

With an estimated 15,000 puppy mills in the United States, Animal Rescue Corps is dedicated to educating the public in order to end the cruelty and suffering these puppy mills perpetuate. Animal Rescue Corps President Scotlund Haisley has shut down dozens of puppy mills in his career including three since founding ARC in 2011.

“Puppy mills are an unimaginable hell of endless suffering,” said Haisley. “Dogs are forced to have litter after litter and when they can no longer produce, they are thrown away like trash.  We believe that people will not support this cruelty when they know the truth, so we have a responsibility to bring awareness to this suffering and put an end to puppy mills.”

ARC’s Educate To End Puppy Mills initiative asks supporters and the public to become involved by sharing the PSA and taking a pledge to educate others in order to end puppy mills and promote companion animal adoption.   Millions of adoptable animals are put to death in our nation’s shelters each year, ARC stresses that adoption is the only humane and compassionate choice when choosing an animal companion.

Sheryl Crow and ARC Team Members

The PSA closes with a life-saving plea from Crow: “Animal Rescue Corps and I ask you to visit your local animal shelter or rescue when choosing your next animal companion. You will not only be saving a life, you be helping put an end to [the cruel industry of puppy mills].”

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View the release of the public service announcement (PSA) featuring Grammy Award winner and animal advocate Sheryl Crow.


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